A data center could be explained as a complex warehouse for web servers. This is a facility which contains a large number of hosting servers used by businesses for storing data and files or for performing computation services at a huge scale. Web hosting, search engines and big social networks are simply a few examples of the services that require data centers for their machines as they cannot run on one web server. The facilities maintain the temperatures, humidity, power and connection backups in order to guarantee the most efficient and consistent work of all machines located there. All data centers feature 24/7 monitoring and minimize the access to the machines so as to make certain that the servers are protected at all times. The quality of any online service that you get usually depends not only on the business you communicate with, but also on the data center they use.

Data centers in Cloud Website Hosting

We provide our cloud website hosting plans in five exceptional data centers throughout the world as to offer you a choice to pick the one closer to you or to your target area. Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform is provided in all 5 of them, so you shall enjoy the same standard of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities that are situated in the USA, the UK, AU, Bulgaria and Finland, provide multi-gigabit connectivity via numerous backbone Internet suppliers and highly effective backup generators to ensure that your Internet sites shall be up and running at all times. As qualified tech support crews manage our web servers on all three continents, we are able to focus on creating new services and improving the existing ones on a regular basis, so we can present you with the first-class hosting service that you have always wanted.

Data centers in Dedicated Web Hosting

We have selected the SteadFast data center in Chicago, United States, for our dedicated servers for a reason - the facility provides the best possible conditions for the optimal functioning of any web server accommodated there. Powerful diesel generators and UPS devices shall keep all machines working even in case there's no power for days while using numerous Internet service providers ensures that any content you have on your dedicated server will be accessible all the time. Since the data center is located in the middle of North America, any customer across the continent will be able to look through your websites as fast as their own connection enables them to. The facility offers fiber connections to both Coasts and to several major cities in the United States and Canada, which makes it a suitable location if you'd like to reach online users even from Mexico or Latin America. The proper performance of your server is ensured by an experienced technical support crew which will take care of any hardware difficulty 24/7. To be on the safe side, we have spare servers and parts, thus your Internet sites shall be online all the time.