When you get a new Linux cloud website hosting, it's created on a server and the entire process usually takes some time, in addition to the validation and processing of your transaction, which a lot of companies perform manually. When you order a dedicated server, for example, the configuration takes more time since the machine has to be assembled, set up and tried so as to ensure that it'll operate the right way. That's why, the majority of providers have a one-time charge to cover the time and efforts spent on your new account. The charge, which sometimes is high, is usually not displayed on the front page, still you'll notice it on your checkout or payment page, so you won't be familiar with it before you have already gone through the whole registration process and you may even overlook it unless you pay attention.

Setup Fee in Cloud Website Hosting

We never charge anything on top of the cost of the Linux cloud website hosting that you pick, therefore you will not be required to pay any sort of set-up charges or any other fees except for what you have already found on our main page. We think that being honest to our clients is of basic importance to building a long-lasting business partnership, that being said we will never ask you to pay obscured fees of any type, especially for something that's nearly completely automatic and takes a few minutes to be executed by our system. You won't pay installation fees even when you order a number of accounts plus they'll all be completely active right away, which means that you can start creating your websites. The overall amount that you will have to pay for all of our packages is the very same that you will find on our home page.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Web Hosting

Our Linux dedicated web hosting do not have any installation or other concealed charges. During the signup process, you'll pay just the monthly cost for the plan that you've chosen. As soon as you place your order, we will assemble and test your new machine, then we'll set up all the software that you need in order to have a completely functional server - Operating System, website hosting Control Panel when you've selected one, web server, MySQL, and many more. All these activities are a part of the plan and they are provided without charge, therefore the signup payment and all of your future renewal payments will be exactly the same. If the server comes with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you have a shared hosting account through our company, we will even move all your content on your new server free of charge.